What's next if my child didn't pass the newborn hearing screening?

The newborn hearing screening test tells us which babies need another hearing test. Some babies who do not pass have normal hearing. Other may not hear as well and will need some help. If a child does not hear well, we can act on this right away so that the child continues to learn and develop without unnecessary delays. That is why it is important for you to complete any follow-up testing recommended by the hearing screening program.

You may be asked to bring your baby back to the hospital for another hearing test or you may be told to see a hearing specialist (audiologist). If you are sent to an audiologist, be sure to find out whether the audiologist has the right equipment to test infants and young children. Knowing your child's hearing ability is very important in promoting learning and communication. So don't delay!

Finding a Specialist to do follow-up testing

  • Talk to your baby's doctor or nurse.
  • Contact your hospital's nursery and talk to the Newborn Hearing Screening Program Coordinator.
  • Contact your state's Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program to ask about your child's test. Find your state's program contact information here or call 866-997-HEAR (4327)

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